Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shakthi Movie Review

We are not experts but we try to give a Shakthi Movie Review as per the information we get from our sources. The director of the movie tries its best to make it a whole story a block buster.

Star cast : NTR, Ileana, Manjari Padnis, Prabhu,SP Balu, Sonu Sood, Shayaji Shimnde, Manju Bhargavi, Jakie Shroff. Pooja Bedi, MS Narayana,Sharmavarapu, Venumadhav, Nazar, Brahmi,Alim Krishna bagawan, Srinivas Reddy, Roja, etcc..

  • Movie : Shakthi
  • Banner : Vijayanthi Movies Banner
  • Camera : Sameer Reddy
  • Dialogues : Sathyanand
  • Art : Anand Sai
  • Editing : Marthand K Venkatesh
  • Lyrics : Veturi, Sirivennela, Ramajogaiah Sastry.
  • Music Director : Mani Sharma
  • Producer : C Aswini Dutt
  • Presented by : C Dharmaraju
Story of the Movie Shakthi:-

Hero if the movie NTR is names as ‘Shakthi’ and he is shown as a working man in the National Security Force and the Prabhu is the head of the NFS. Prabhu has a daughter in the movie is lleana. She is the one of the biggest devotee of Hindu Gods in the movie. And she dreams to have a trip to see all of the temples in India. But as we all know in all movies, the father as a head of the NFS is not able to accept her dream in real life so she denied it. And this is also a fact that she forced her father to let her go. Her father got ready but with a condition that his strong officer Shakthi will join her in the tour to protect her.

So here the climax begins with the tour of Illena. In one of the temple they got attacked by some of the strangers not only this time only but again and again more and more strikes hit their way. So here again another part of climax begins that all these attacks were not for lleana but arranged for the Shakhti. Time got rewind to the years back. Rudra (NTR) is the King of Kingdom where the Kingdom has powerful Shakthi Peetamlu and all the other anti social persons tries to get away with the Shakthi peetamulu. Rudra dies while fighting with those anti social persons. Shakthi is belonging to the Rudhra Vamsham and he takes the responsibly of safeguarding those Shakthi Peetamulu.

So this is the whole story of the movie as per our sources balance will come with the true Shakthi Movie Review after 1st April

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