Wednesday, October 22, 2008

About Me

My Name Is Gurpreet Singh Full time Business Man living the Ludhiana , the Industrial Hub of Punjab,India.

Like to write poems,Making Sketches and Making Friends.Here I am To Share My Feeling And To Share The Silent Words Which Has Thousands of Meaning but we can't feel them and Ignore these feelings will lead us to disaster.

How I Started Writing poems. It is Very Interesting Question for me also. While Mailing to my friends one day i got an invitation from my friend for joining a social networking sites. On this site I found more some great Ideas Like Sharing Photos,Writing Articles etc. So I Joined this site and started sharing my views. After Few Weeks I got Much responses and great appreciative comments. After That I Started writing poems and stories.

Now I am here To Share My Feeling and Thinking.So keep Reading & Enjoying.

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vinayak said...

dude dont forget the police top officers and otherofficers they were marathi but maharashtrians never did poliyics on their name

Silentwords said...

Thanks For Your Valued Visit But Dear I Have Not Claimed Any Maharashtrians. I Just Want to Say About those who use to separate our India In many parts. For Your Kind Information My Birth Place Is Maharashtra & I Love This & The People Live There

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