Friday, February 6, 2009

Why We Are Not Conscious About Our Own Security?????

I think the Title it self says everything about the our security. But I Wan to share my feeling as i feel in last day after watching a video about robbery in the Mumbai local bus. Which is caught on hidden CCTV camera system. Many of you also have watched this video steamed on major Tv networks in India.

A man traveling with money in His Hand rapped in Some Paper of Poly thin Bag. Then What Happened On Watching this Video I clearly see that this person is traveling with money in paper wrapped not only this he has Currency of Red Color which means may be it is of Rs 50 or Rs 1000 Notes. So what happened A gang of thieves is behind him. They cleverly robbed him in the public place and The victim can't do at this time.

Now the Question arises who is faulty in this case. The police ,Our System ,Those thieves or We our self. Yes Of cause we our self. If we are not conscious for our own security then how our Police,System will help us. I think If that person hide his money into his that is not clearly visible to all of us then he will be More Secure then now. I really feel bad that a normal person robbed in the public but the others in the same bus has done nothing to save his loss.

I all the Buses, Trains and public places Govt. has Published about these facts but How Many Of Us Read Them, How many of us say yes to them. Only 1% out of Whole India. Its Time to become More Conscious about our Own Security never to depend on others that they will protect us.

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