Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Gudi Padwa & Happy Ugaadhi

This gives us the time as on today (according to earth time frame) from the birth of the present universe!Let"s count it how!

At the poles the earth has day and night of 6 months each. So the "north or south pole" day = 1 equator year.

And that 1pole-year (called as Divya Varsha) = 360 years (not 365, as lunar month is of 30 days)

1200 Divya Varshas (1000+200sandhi)= 360 x 1200=4,32,000yrs.=Kali-yuga.

The start of a "Yuga" is marked by a conjunction of 7 heavenly bodies, viz.Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn., (The ones which affect the Earth atmosphere.)And this is proved by today"s astronomic.

European astronomic Belly says "According to astronomical calculations of Hindus, the present period of the Earth, Kali-yuga,commenced 3102 yrs. B. C. on 20th Feb at 2hrs. 27 mins. & 30 secs. They say a conjunction of 7 heavenly bodies,then took place;their tables(Panchang) shows it.,& is exactly confirmed by our own current tables." Now isn"t it astounding, the calculations are thousands of yrs. old !! (see Yajur-veda ..) And this happens at the beginning of every "4,32,000yrs." period(yuga.)

Resuming our calculations, Kali = 1; So this conjunction occurs once.
Dwapar-yuga (dwa =2) has this conjunction twice,Tetra(=3)yuga has thrice & Krita/Satya(=4)yuga has it 4 times. So also the no. of years in them are 2, 3,& 4, times that of Kali-yuga respectively.All "4 Yugas" added make a Maha-yuga..



71Maha-yugas(+9600 yuga-sandhis)=1 Manvantar (the current 7th one isnamed Vaivasvat). 14 such Manvantars =1000 Maha-yugas=1 Kalpa
(Shweta-waraha Kalp in this case) =1000x4,32,000=432 crore yrs.

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