Monday, June 22, 2009

IAS officer caught with pants down So What next

Media flashing news of An IAS officer who caught in pants down in her office's wash room with a panchayat employee. Employee puts an allegation on Gyaneshwar Patil CEO of a Bhopal district panchayat that he is sexually harassing him from a long time. But as due to fear he never told this to anybody.

We all have seen a live streaming Camera action against this IAS Officer. After all this Government of India has suspended and taking this case into the queue of other cases for further Investigation. Investigation which takes months or years. And in these years the suspect may be freed from these allegations. And the person who face the sexually harassment will beg for justice. Who will be responsible for this? Again this time we come & stop at our system. And our system will goes through rules and the rules are made for those who has power & money. So I remember Nana Patekar's dialogue "100 mein se 99 Baymaan Phir Bhi Mere Bharat Mahan".

In my views if This IAS office is really done his shameful jobs then he is taken on serious matter and will punish with full life Jail.

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