Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nothing Is Worthless In This World

There Was A King. He Had A Very Kind Heart. Randomly He Use To Change His Identity As A Beggar. And Goes to the different parts of his kingdom. And start Begging. His main motive was to know what people think about him and also to know whether his peoples are happy or not.

As the Same One night when he is begging two peoples are fighting. One of them said to other that your life is worthless. This fight changed king’s mind and he started thinking about the things that are worthless but he didn’t comes to any clue.
One day he declared a price for the people who will find worthless things on this earth. Many peoples come and told him different things that these are useless. But he is not satisfied with any ones.

One man comes and told him that Spiders and The Bees are almost useless and worthless things in the world they just Do dirty things every where. King was very happy and declared a very Big Celebration Function.

On the Same say the kings from Neighbour Kingdoms attacked on him for his Kingdom. King Leaves him function in between and comes to the Border of his kingdom. He started protecting of his kingdom with the help of his Army.

While fighting with others army he Left alone in Forests. And the army from other side started chasing him. He Run very Fast and After A long run he tired and sit under a tree. As he was too much tired he got a nap of sleep. In Few Minutes he was in a deep sleep. After Some time a bee comes there and started making noise in his ears and making bytes on his face. He at once stood up and runs fast again. After running he goes in the group of trees which were fully covered with the net of spiders.

The Army from other side was behind him. They were very near to him then he has only a place to hide him self on these trees. He hide him self on these trees. Army arrived on that place and they think that king never will hide him self on these trees. So they Left that place. In the Morning his own mans comes in his search than he comes down from Trees.

He told his whole incident to his peoples and taken a very hard decision that NOTHING IS WORTH LESS IN THIS WORLD

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