Friday, October 24, 2008

Never Forget Your Table Manners

Today in our life we have no space to eat our meals while sitting on floors. In this modern fast world we have Dinning table to have our daily Almost 95% home have dinning table and they do their breakfasts,Lunch & dinner on these table with the whole family & gatherings if they have some Relatives or friends Get together.

This is our daily lie style that we have adopted. But some times we forget manner for our daily routine work or ignore them. Some Times this ignorance Make us feel bad. So I Think Following Table manners will help you in your life.
While taking meal use napkins. use them on your neck that while eating if some thing drops that will not make your clothes dirty.

Use self service method to serve your self. Be polite don't be hurry if some one is taking eatable from serving bowls or plates then wait for your turn.

how much your are hungry think take only those eatable and for that quantity that will satisfy you. Never full your plates that look furious. Don't Never Never Leave uneatable food in your Plates.

Use Napkins to clean your hands and mouth only don't use them for cleaning your face.

Don't be In hurry to eat first look that every body has taken their eatable and only when all starts taking meal only than start eating your self. Take slowly and swallow only after your have chewed it properly.

Don't force your visitors to take more and more if they need they will take themselves just request them in between.

If you prepared your food your self than never ever appreciate or dislike your self own. Let other do this. If your preparation is good then definitely every body praise you.

Use forks & knife if your know how to use them if you don't know how to use them then please don't use them.

If your have elders in your family then help them to serve their meal.

Main point is not to watch our television or read magazine or news paper while you are eating this habit your destroy your liver function. And many other problem.

Hope all of you have enjoyed This Little Article About Table manners. Please Don't Forget To Leave a Comment or your suggestion how can I add more tips about Table Manners.

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