Monday, December 22, 2008

Help Lines Or Pain Lines

I Am a user of BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) Ludhiana . As the name is big company is big as the company is big the employee are also big. And employees are big than problem to consumers are also Big. And the only one word "Big" matters. Today I stucked to my desk not for the work but for the use of help lines provided by BSNL.

My BSNL broadband connection start giving my problem of 691 (User name or Password Incorrect )Then I Have direct number of SDO of our area I called him. They given me a direct help line no for this Problem is (12678).I started dialing this number but every time engaged then I follow the rule try and try again. Oh my God I tried almost for One & half hour. Then I Called up another directory help line asked them for the other help line numbers for broadband complaint. And that's it I come with Two new No's 1957 and 2601666. Now what I was happy but my happiness not be so longer both these numbers are also engaged. So I am now thinking what to do these type of helpline numbers. If any body know how to tell Govement about these type of metters then please help me and help me to forward my message to all the persons who got same type of helpline sorry painline problems.

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