Thursday, January 8, 2009

Explain To The Problems That How Much Big Is Your God.

We Pray To God Daily. I Think In This World No one is here who never prayed. This is also A True Fact That We always pray for asking something from GOD.

May be it is a small thing or may be a bigger one. In difficult time of our life we pray many time a day or thousands of time in a minute. The main fact is that we always got listened from God that our problems are solved out may be in a minute or in a year but they are solved out defiantly.

Last day I Got a chance to meet with a old man who spent his life many years with peoples who spent their lives in for the full filling the others Happiness Like some Indian Saints.

Mean while when we are taking he gives me some word as written below:-

"Never Try to say to your GOD first
That How Much Big your problems Are
But Explain To The Problems
That How Much Big Is Your God.
And You Will See Your Problems
Will Leave Your Soon."

These Words Give Me A Great Push. I Liked Their Words & Think about these words. These Words Really Help us in our Life.

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