Friday, December 5, 2008

Sports Man Vs Police Man In India

"It Happens Only India "

We are well known to this word which is only & only used for India For its wonderful, creative, and amazing tasks. My this entry is also another example of this great word.

An Olympic Shooter wins Gold (only a game )
& Govt Gives Him 3 Crore and Awards On the Other side a shooter dies fighting with terrorists while saving our country and lifes & govt Pays His family on Rs 5. Lakhs For the whole life.

In last month Whole India Thrilled out when terror hits Mumbai. Many of the peoples killed in this Attack. Some police mans also Died when they are trying to save others. But after their death no body is here to take care of their families. Govt. Didn't take a good action to reward their work but some policitions given a very wrong statements after their death.

And on the other side when an Olympic shooter hits his aim and wins Gold than the whole India is there to receive him on his return. Not only this govt rewarded him with 3 crore of ruppes.

Is Life is So much less woth for our Govt. Only They worth for Gold Medals

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