Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trace Out Raj Thackeray And His Brave Sena MNS

First Read The Below SMS i Received On my Mobile Last Day.

  • Where is Raj Thackeray Trace Out Raj Thackeray And His Brave Sena (MNS-Mahrastra Nav Nirman Sena).Tell Him That 200 NSG Commandos From Delhi (No Marathi Manoos! All South & North Indians!)Have been Sent To Save Mumbai.

In Past months we have seen Mr. Raj Thackeray & his Brave Sena beating up Those peoples who have done nothing wrong. They went to Mumbai in the search of food,Job and as a Part to our Indian Country to meet some one or any other their needs.

But when an terrorist attacks their state kills hundreds of people and make our nation a loss of app 10 billion. Then They have done nothing. I think They are missing or all of them now have no brave arms that can save their state. So now who will built the nation who will save their state.

Its is app. 1 week is over from the terrorist attack but MNS has done nothing. they only learn how to beat people who has done nothing wrong.They can't help others who has died in this attack they can't provide food to them. They can't make a difference with giving full life secure by providing some financial support to those who have lost their one and only son,husband or father.

I don't asking that they are wrong but if they think the other side of coin that we are Indians first than MNS is a first one who thinks about the Nation.

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