Saturday, October 25, 2008

Face Obstacles in Your life

"Obstacles Shape up Our Life.How much we will grind the Heena (An Indian Traditional Herb) so much the greatest color it gives" These Are the Word Given By A Great Person.

See into the world history of the all famous & great persons. All of them has faced the obstacles in their lives. Many of Them said that the reason behind their success is the obstacles they faced in their life.
Obstacles are the way to happiness. If we don't have obstacles means we have nothing to do. if we have nothing to do then world is not for us. Because in world we have no space for the person those have nothing to do.

Struggle makes man perfect. Their right way thinking gives them a boost of life. They climb on the top of every mount.Nature is automated it gives us many way obstacles but not to harm us but to make us feel that if we will see this type of time in our future life then how to come over these problem. Nature provides us the chance and chance to shape up our life.

If we want something than we have to loose some thing. in simple example if we have have to purchase goods then we have to pay for that. Happiness of success gives us the real enjoy if we faced problems before the success.

We have gold mines ,Diamond mines and many of other minerals which are saved by nature for us. But when we mined them from the earth we don't know what the good we get from them. We make many tests ,filter them in many process and after that we get the nature's gift. As gold gives its shine only after it is melted in furnace. Diamond comes into shape after many process,but each process gives a smile on the face of owner.

If nature want to teach somebody a good lesson than it takes test and test. On these tests a man is selected if he faced every test ,obstacles & problems. Then it is sure that he will get his fruit also.

Birds fly in the search of food, goes many places but think how many times they face the opposite direction of air. But they don't lose their patient and they reach destination

So obstacles are the real life partners of us. After success on all of the obstacles we get the real meaning of our life.

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