Thursday, October 30, 2008

She Slept For Ever And Ever

Anju having a good smile on her face when married to amit. When come to their home after marriage she make it happiness for every one with her charming and welcoming nature. All relatives are happy. Talking only & only about her beauty , Charming Nature and her higher education. She was a daughter of A poor man lived in small town. But besides this she get her self well educated and reputed in the town. She is lovable to every face in her town.

After finishing her School She Take admission in near by city college. Where again by her nature and intelligence she is famous around the campus. One day Amit comes into her Life. Becomes good friends and they both are unknown when their friendship becomes they life's love for ever.
After completing college she got a good Government job. Amit from a very rich ,well settled business family joined his father business. Now they Love and want to marry. Amit's parents refused their love. But As he is their only son they agreed after a heavy argument.

The Day of marriage comes. they got married but Amit's parents are not happy. As she have not bring the things that they dreamed and expected from their only son's marriage.

Time goes fast & fast. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter same as she is. Time is passing. one Day Amit goes to the business trip for one month.

Next morning of Amit's leaving home. A Fire broke up in their first floor of their house where the room of amit is situated. Anju is shouting in loudly save me save me they are killing me.All neighbor hearing this come out of their homes and started to help hr in any way they can.

Fire bridge comes they soon struggled to set off fire. She rushed to the near by hospital but when the door of ambulance opened she leaved her breath.

And the time comes when she is resting for whole life's struggle and the word comes from every mouth She slept for ever and ever

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Buzz said...

Though Amit was not in town, though he loved her so much that he went against his family wishes and though he married her without any dowry or her share in the property - as per the laws he is the Accussed Number 1!!!

Courtesy thick heads from the generation belonging to your Brand Ambassador Boman Irani and selfish ambitions of the so called Confused Metro Women and the fanatic fundamentalist ideologies of Terrorist cells in the name of Feminism - lives of 1000s of Indian Men and their families of today educated, well behaved and against Dowry and absolute equality to women are DESTROYED and RUINED!!

If Feminism is of Equality and you are not a Social Terrorist - these days there are so many reports of Domestic Violence being committed against men - why are your writeupss not unisexual?

I pray that your family gets ruined due to you supporting Terrorists of the country and your fanatic ideas and your fmaily knows you are the cause of the curse ruining the lives of your daughter, son, brother, sister, cousins and they all curse you and you life a life not dieing hearing them all curse you for your Fanatism!!! I also curse that you live to see your Mother and Father (if you have one) are put behind bars and made to sit amoung prostitutes and criminals and be treated and compared to them!!

Silentwords said...

Dear I Am Sorry For You Think I Have Written Something Wrong But This Is The True Picture Of Our India Look Your Will Se It Happening Around You. I Ashamed On You That You Don't Think About The My Feeling But You Commented To heart me & my Readers

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