Saturday, January 24, 2009

Suicide Is It The Last Thing To End Up Pains????

Last Day I was sitting & reading newspaper I found more than 5 articles about the suicide.Three of them who committed suicide are of teen age. Shocked I read full articles and shocked more that why they do this one for this that one failed in her home exams ,second that he lost his valued article and third one is for that his father slapped him for doing wrong work.

As they committed Suicide and they are gone but the pain they have given to their families never ends their life ends but they have given the bigger pain then they got in their life.

Is once failure in exam is bigger pain then loosing Life?
Is just loosing some valued Article is bigger then Life?
And is The pain of Father's Internal Love is Bigger Then Life?

Most people with suicidal inclinations have problems they think cannot be solved. When the only thought is about dying, they would not think that it is difficult or explore the best way to die. They just want to end their problems the quick way.

But I Wan to ask Whole the world Is Committing Suicide is Last Thing to End Up pains Of Life???

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